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Lifecycle investing in global, category-leading internet technology companies

Berlin’s #1 Super-Angel VC

Our passion is to invest in the best teams bringing outstanding ideas to life, and see them grow into category-leading or game-changing companies. As lifecycle investors, we promote founders all the way, from seed stage right through to IPO. Along this journey, we support our portfolio companies in key areas such as fundraising, strategy and as committed Board members.


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We are looking for European investment opportunities in Berlin and London that provide a tangible value add for customers while carrying potential for global scale. Typical investments range from €250k to €1.5mn. Selectively, we have invested up to €25mn in AAA assets.


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As team members of Avala Capital, we are investing our own capital and have created an attractive setup, offering access to privileged investment opportunities to both individual investors and family offices.


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Avala Portfolio

We invest in high-growth companies with ambitious goals and the talent to achieve them. We partner with exceptional entrepreneurs capable of disrupting a market by creating major change in a way which can be sustained and scaled.

Our focus is on internet business models, such as cloud, mobile and online marketplaces as well as on businesses heavily benefiting from offline to online conversion. Our portfolio of 40 companies, both B2B and B2C, can be divided into three segments: Food Tech, Fintech, other “Funky” Tech.

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After its successful IPO in June 2017, Delivery Hero continues to be the leading global online food ordering and delivery marketplace with number one market positions in terms of partner restaurants, active users, gross merchandise value and website traffic. The company is headquartered in Berlin and operational in 40 markets across 5 continents and has over 25,000 employees.

Founded: 2010, Berlin, Germany. Invested: 2012-2015 (Commons, Series A, Series B, Series C)

The B2B Food Group - a Rocket Internet holding company that also includes Caterwings & Lemoncat - is one of the world's leading marketplaces for corporate catering.

Founded: 2016, Berlin, Germany. Invested: 2019 (Series A)

HelloFresh is a global meal-kit company (largest player in the USA), with over 280 million meals delivered to 4 million customers in 2019.

Founded: 2012, Berlin, Germany. Invested: 2020 (listed stock)

Raisin is Europe’s #1 marketplace for investments. €26.5 bn has been brokered across the 8 Raisin platforms to date, with 97 partner banks having been onboarded so far. Currently, >730 products are being offered to >285,000 customers across 30+ countries.

Founded: 2012, Berlin, Germany. Invested: 2013-2020 (Series Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C, Series D)

Billie is powering B2B commerce with its BNPL and digital factoring products. With a proven risk engine that maximises acceptance rates while keeping defaults low, the company leverages its two-sided tech platform to connect B2B merchants with SME buyers.

Founded: 2016, Berlin – Germany. Invested: 2016-2021 (Series Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C)

Finom is a one-stop financial service provider for SMEs, freelancers and the self-employed in Europe.

Founded: 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Invested: 2020 (Convertible Note)

Bonify provides a unified access to all data relevant for a user’s credit score and leverages this data to optimise personal finances through individualised offers.

Founded: 2016, Berlin, Germany. Invested: 2019, 2020 (Series A)

Troy is reinventing debt collection for its corporate customers with the goal of improving debt recovery rates. The company is leveraging technology to challenge the highly fragmented, inefficient and offline debt collection market.

Founded: 2017, Lippstadt, Germany. Invested: 2019, 2020 (Seed, Series A)

Myos provides a working capital lending product for Amazon merchants, with the goal of expanding to provide full-scale financing products for online retailers.

Founded: 2017, Berlin, Germany. Invested: 2019, 2020 (Convertible Note)

Volocopter is a pioneer in the field of electric air taxis, leading innovation in the ecosystem surrounding urban air mobility.

Founded: 2011, Bruchsal, Germany. Invested: 2017, 2021 (Series A, Series D)

Miles is an independent car-sharing and urban mobility company

Founded: 2017, Berlin, Germany. Invested: 2021 (Series C)

Talentspace is the first all-in-one live online recruiting event platform that allows clients to host recruiting events online and let participants and employers connect and interact digitally.

Founded: 2017, Berlin, Germany. Invested: 2020 (Series Seed)

Heartbeat Labs is a digital health platform driving the digitalisation of healthcare and medicine. By building and investing in new healthcare ventures, as well as partnering with established ones, Heartbeat Labs‘ main goal is to create user-centric healthcare solutions.

Founded: 2016, Berlin, Germany. Invested: 2020 (Series B)

Medisafe creates easy-to-use, personalized technology that helps >5 million people better manage their medications, and offers healthcare companies meaningful insight into users' daily behavior.

Founded: 2012, London, UK. Invested: 2016 (Series B)

Bayes (formerly Dojo Madness) harnesses the latest innovations in machine learning to create sophisticated tools that help eSport gamers master their play.

Founded: 2015, Berlin, Germany. Invested: 2015 (Series Seed)

After its successful IPO in June 2017, Delivery Hero continues to be the leading global online food ordering and delivery marketplace with number one market positions in terms of partner restaurants, active users, gross merchandise value and website traffic. The company is headquartered in Berlin and operational in 40 markets across 5 continents and has over 25,000 employees.

Founded: 2010, Berlin, Germany, Partially exited to Insight Venture Partners (2014), Rocket Internet (2015), Ramphastos Investments - Marcel Boekhoorn (2016), official IPO-Secondary (2017), Xetra partial exits from 2018 onwards

Fyber (formerly SponsorPay and currently part of RNTS Media) is a leading advertising technology company that empowers app developers to execute smart ad monetization strategies across all connected devices through a unified mobile supply side platform.

Founded: 2009, Berlin, Germany. Invested: 2014 (Series A). Exited to RNTS Media (2015 - 2019)

Sanoga is an E-commerce platform in South-East Asia (Thailand) with a focus on beauty and health products combined with magazine-grade online content. Sanoga employs a “curated” market place approach whereby products are shipped directly by the suppliers eliminating on-site stock.

Founded: 2013, Bangkok, Thailand. Invested: 2013 (Series Seed). Exited to WhatsNew (2014)

9Cookies enables SMBs to run their entire business with an iPad - including customer acquisition and retention, order processing, customer data and relation management, payment, reporting and marketing.

Founded: 2013, Berlin, Germany. Invested: 2013 (Series AA, Series AB). Exited to Delivery Hero (2014)

Lemoncat is Germany’s leading marketplace for corporate catering. The company has recently been merged into the B2B Food Group - a Rocket Internet holding company that also includes Caterwings under its umbrella.

Founded: 2016, Berlin, Germany. Invested: 2017-2019 (Seed, Series A). Exited to B2B Food Group (2019)

Tiger Facility Services (formerly “Book a Tiger”) is a B2B digital Facility Management company offering its customers a modern alternative to traditional cleaning and general facility management services.

Founded: 2014, Berlin, Germany. Invested: 2014-2019 (Series Seed, Series A, Series B). Exited to Helpling (2019)

Fleet (koho) provides a cloud-based platform that businesses use to book and manage transportation for international freight. Besides providing instant quotes, Fleet also ensures improved decision making by showing provider lead times, ratings and reliability, and direct access to all of the service providers.

Founded: 2014, San Francisco, USA. Invested: 2015 (Series Seed). Exited to Expeditors International (2020)

nextcaller's trademark software leverages machine learning to help companies improve customer experience through real-time call verification technology, thereby reducing phone fraud.

Founded: 2014, New York, USA. Invested: 2015 (Series A). Exited to Pindrop (2021)

Herrenfahrt is a digital platform providing premium care products for classic and luxury cars based on a proprietary recipe.

Founded: 2014, Mannheim, Germany. Invested: 2014 (Series Seed). Write-down: 2020

Hostmaker was a rental property management company headquartered in London and present in 6 cities in Europe and the Middle East. Services included pricing management, bookings, housekeeping, interior design, maintenance as well as guest and tenant communications.

Founded: 2014, London, UK. Invested: 2015, 2017 (Series Seed, Series A), Write-down: 2020

Karhoo aimed to be the world’s first global car aggregation service, connecting passengers with licensed taxis and private hire cars.

Founded: 2014, London, UK. Invested: 2015 (Common Stock). Write-down: 2016

RivalFox is the first SaaS-based competitor intelligence (CI) solution for small to medium enterprises creating automated reports on competitors’ website changes, online press releases, social media activity and traffic/SEO.

Founded: 2013, Berlin, Germany. Invested: 2013 (Series Seed). Write-down: 2017

meinKauf GmbH with its brands meinKauf and miKunu, aspired to be the market leader in digital circulars & offers for retailers and brands in Austria, Hungary and Turkey. The platform was known as an innovation driver in location-based retail, brand marketing as well as consumer profiling.

Founded: 2012, Vienna, Austria. Invested: 2013 (Series Seed). Write-down: 2016

Urbanara provides high-quality home textiles and accessories at affordable prices in Germany and the UK. The unique selling point is based on high emphasis on quality, sourcing product directly from manufacturers and selling own brand products only.

Founded: 2012, Berlin, Germany. Invested: 2013 (Series A). Write-down: 2017

Sonovate is an online platform offering working capital financing and industry-leading contractor management technology to recruitment agencies. Their aim is to eliminate contract administration for their clients.

Founded: 2012, London, UK. Invested: 2015 (Series A). Write-down: 2021

Lingoda is an online language school offering both group and private classes in virtual classrooms to students. Current languages taught on the platform by native speaker teachers are English, German, Spanish and French.

Founded: 2012, Berlin, Germany. Invested: 2013, 2014 (Series Seed, Series A). Exited (2021)

ROLI is a music technology company that creates music devices. Its flagship product is the multi-award-winning Seaboard instrument which remodels the piano keyboard to help musicians create multidimensional sounds.

Founded: 2009, London, UK. Invested: 2018 (Series B)

Avala Team

With over 50 years of combined successful entrepreneurial-, investment- and advisory experience, we have invested in over 50 companies, both private and publicly listed ones. Previous professional experience includes Pro7Sat1, SevenVentures, Delivery Hero Holding, McKinsey&Company, Axel Springer SE, Krone AG.


We are constantly growing our network of highly professional co-investors and are committed to trust based and longterm relationships. Sharing deals is a pleasure for us, and getting invited to co-invest and and strengthen an existing investor syndicate a privilege.


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